Lagos - Landmark event centre


May 20th, 2023, @09am WAT

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The Lagos Startup Expo is the premier event for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts held on May 20th, 2023 to network with top startups, see innovative products and learn about the latest industry trends.

This is the perfect platform to grow a business, make connections, and take startups to new heights.

Techpoint Expo Event logoTechpoint Expo Event logo

Alluvium shines at Lagos Startup Expo, delivers top range tech solutions

Leading Tech firm and and fast rising startup, Alluvium; parent company of REMOTEWORKNG says it’s time for Africans to maximize cloud democracy in solving myriads of problems peculiar to each African nation.

Alluvium and over 200 startups and tech firms converged on the Landmark Event Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria over the weekend to discuss a push for Africa and Nigeria in the Fourth Industrial revolution at the Lagos Startup Expo.

The event, one of the largest innovation startups’ conferences to showcase innovative products, was organized by a leading technology media platform Techpoint Africa, parent company of Altschool and TalentQl, Techpoint inspired and Techpoint build, known for training world class engineering teams.

The Lagos Startup expo had investors, entrepreneurs, tech firms, cloud engineers, programmers and specialists using technology solve the myriads of problems facing the continent ranging from health, finance, agriculture ,cloud services, security, among other sectors of the economy. ...continue reading